Halli Lilburn lives in Lethbridge, Alberta. She has literary works published with Tesseracts 18: Wrestling with Gods, Spirited by Leap Books, Renaissance Press and many others. She is a certified structural editor with and is an editor for The Dame Was Trouble, with Coffin Hop Press. She teaches workshops on creative writing and art journaling and designed an art therapy coloring book called Collections and Curiosities. Her art consists of founds objects assemblage and multi-media collage. Glue is a good friend. She fuses together antique notions, embellishments, creations of nature, stenciling and calligraphy, employing sewing skills, polymer clay, wire manipulation and other methods to create a cacophony of small pieces, each with its own message and history. She finds chaos in order, perfect asymmetry and sporadic patterns to connect to the grand story of life on earth in which we fit randomly, whole heartedly and perfectly.