While we do not charge a submission fee to send us your work and we feel committed to never doing so, as this potentially could create barriers for artists and writers whose work we want to see, we do hope to raise money to contribute to running the magazine or for social justice causes we are committed to elevating.


Donations typically go toward our community outreach projects and also giving us the ability to pay contest winners. For the current reading period, however, all submissions unless received on the 15th of the month  must include a $3 submission fee through the donation tab below. All profits will go directly to Unicorn Riot or the Richmond Community Bail Fund. We are based in Richmond, Virginia, so the latter felt of particular significance to us. Please indicate in your submission, however, if you have a preference for where you would like your submission fee to go. Additionally, if you include a $10 donation, we will guarantee a 2-week or less response time to your work.

We hope other literary magazines and organizations will follow a similar model. We can offer words of support, but even as writers we recognize words too often fall short. When we say we're in this together, everything we do needs to be in direct service to this sentiment. #BlackLivesMatter